Classmeeting 2017 Senior High School 2 Kudus | Class meeting is an event that always waited by all of the student senior high school 2 Kudus. It's an event which held by the shcool and held during the weeks after the final. There was so many events including sport that held in this event. The participants in class meeting were student from grade 10 until grade 12. This event was held for the student to refresh their mind after studied hard forthe  exam.
This year, the class meeting was held from Monday, 19 December 2017 until Thursday, 21 December 2017. During this event, the student had their free time inside the school. There were so many sport event that held for the class meeting such as futsal, high jump, shot put, and sprint. But not only sport, there were also food stand, Adhan, and supporter competition.

Futsal in one of game which got more attention than the other game from the student. Futsal game made the class meeting more playful and fun, more over there were so many student who cheer up the player and pay attention for it. The team who won the game would get a trophy and gifts. The student really happy with that and it could make them more enthusiasm when they were playing futsal.
The student felt really happy for this event because they can play and relax their mind. They hope this event will be held every year after the final exam.
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