Apel Pagi Bersama Pak Polisi

Smadapedia.com | On Monday 15 January 2018 there was an event which held during a morning meeting. The police officer, AKP Catur Kusuma who lead a community development sub unit came to Senior High School 2  Kudus for became an inspector of the meeting. In his speech he gives us some advice and referalls that us as a students should pay attention about rules in the school and outside the school, so we can avoid any problem that that can disadvantage us as a student such as consume drugs, bullying, gang fight, illegal racing and others activity that can give bad impact to the student and others people.
He reminded us to be safe and not to involved anything bad activity that will make our future failed. In his speech he intersperse some jokes so the students didn’t get bored during the meeting. The students felt really grateful and happy for his presence in Senior High School 2 Kudus.

 The closing event was ended by took a picture together along with the police officer, students, and teachers. ©English Club SMAN 2 KUDUS

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