Kangen Lukas? Ada Surat Dari Lukas Untuk Warga SMADA Lho

Smadapedia - Masih ingat Lukas Veverka? Bule tampan yang mengajar Bahasa Inggris ke SMA Negeri 2 Kudus beberapa bulan lalu dan mengajar di SMADA selama beberapa minggu. Mungkin yang tidak ingat dengan Lukas Veverka bisa melihat foto dibawah ini agar merefresh ingatan kita tentang bule yang satu ini.
Lukas Veverka Saat Mengunjungi Gunung Bromo
Sudah ingatkan siapa itu Lukas? Kalau sudah ingat siapa yang kangen dengan dia? Pasti banyak dong yang kangen dengan bule yang tampan dan ramah ini. Kabar baiknya untuk yang kangen Lukas, kemarin, dia mengirimkan surat elektronik ke SMADA. Mau tau apa yang di tulis Lukas Veverka ke kita? Tengok ke bawah yuk
Selamat Siang SMA 2 Kudus!
It’s me – Lukas from summer who spent some time with you, sharing my culture and
teaching English. I still remember that time with you guys. Our crazy lessons, our stories and
even activities after school. I have just in front of my eyes how we made a spy photo with
the spy class, how you sang for me Love yourself with a guitar in our lesson, how I went to
the fencing lesson and even climbing lesson. I also remember the first time at school when
you guided me through and explained me what you expect me to do here. Also cooking Soto
and Czech Guláš (Gulash) together, watching Surat Dari Praha and your questions if it really
looks like that in Europe. Climbing Muria mountain with your awesome teachers and much
more - it was just amazing!
I recognize it now more than before that it was one of the best parts of my life. I did
something meaningful, was among wonderful people and learned a lot. I know that I always
said that I learned a lot and probably never told you what exactly. So I think now it’s good
time to tell. You guys taught me how to say „Never mind“ and what are my real priorities
(that it’s not money or career but to be really happy with my life – do what I like, be with
good people and just don’t do what I’m not alright with). Also you taught me how to be
much calmer and how to behave to people. At the begging I was quite angry when someone
was late but after some time I just said „OK, never mind…“ I recognized that every person
has some weaknesses and strengths and if that person seems to me silly for the first time it
doesn’t mean anything – maybe one day I’ll find out that this person is excellent artist or
fisherman but had some problems. Now I’m looking at every single person in a different
point of view than ever before. That’s what you gave me and that’s what I’m really grateful
With some of you I’m still in contact and sometimes you are interested what I’m doing now
in Prague. When I returned from Indonesia I was really happy that I’m home and I enjoyed
every moment here. It was quite exhausting (more than I expected) to travel after the
project. Then I started to look for a job and after some months I ended up in a marketing
agency. It’s a good job and I’m satisfied. I also finished my exam period successfully and in
one week my next semester will begin. I hope I’ll manage school and work together.
Also some of Indonesian friends came here to Prague (actually 2 AIESECers) and I met with
them. Guided them through Prague and showed them snow. It was great fun to build a
snowman with a person from the other side of Earth. I also celebrated Christmas and spent
lots of time with family together. Now I had some free time and I went skiing in Austria,
which is around 9 hours by train.
In addition I got information that students from 12
th grade are now preparing for final
national exams. Don’t worry guys, I know that you are clever, SMA 2 Kudus and its teachers
prepared you perfectly so I think you will pass it without problems. I wish you good luck and
let me know how you managed it.
For those of you who would like to contact me, don’t hesitate because I’m happy about it.
When someone from students wrote me I felt like I’m back in Indonesia. I think you all have
my LINE but if not, here it is: lukas.veverka
On my way home, I read all of the messages you wrote me in our farewell party and it made
me really really proud of you. I hope I’ll see you again someday (actually I really plan it!).
Thanks for everything
With love,
Tuh suratnya, dia selama di Indonesia khususnya di SMA Negeri 2 Kudus belajar banyak hal seperti untuk belajar nahan emosi, dan belajar apapun yang tidak ia dapat di negara asalnya.
Lukas Veverka Saat Mengunjungi Tanah Lot
Terima Kasih Lukas untuk beberapa waktunya untuk menyempatkan menyapa kita lewat suratnya. Semoga anda diberi kesehatan terus. Dan Terima Kasih juga telah mengajari banyak hal saat anda di SMA Negeri 2 Kudus. Semoga kita bisa berjumpa lagi di lain waktu

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